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Protection Intention Candle

Protection Intention Candle

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The protection candle is infused with bergamot and eucalyptus essential oils, herbs, and crystals, which include black tourmaline and selenite. Black tourmaline’s properties include protection (especially towards negative energies/entities), purification, and grounding. We added selenite to help amplify the black tourmalines properties. The herbs placed in each protection candle include white sage, vervain root, burdock root, and lemongrass. With the embodiment of the essential oils, herbs and crystals, this candle when lit will help purify and protect the environment that it is in. These candles are meant to be lit with intention. 


Soy wax

Cotton wick

Can jar

Black tourmaline


White sage

Vervain root

Burdock root


Bergamot essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil


The can glass is 16oz

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